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If you spell “sexy” backwards you will find a version of the affirmative, “yes” (or “yxes” if you’re a stickler for spelling). This is not said in jest. Really: somewhere in-between this odd play on words you will discover the foundation of meaning in Allie Pohl’s creative flood.

How many times have you wondered what goes-on behind that door adorned with that abstract shape of woman? If you’re a man, then you say, many times? Luckily for you, Allie Pohl has been working to open that door and to undo that bra clasp, to get us all a little bit closer to the inner world of woman.

In all, Pohl’s work is a giant mirror for the world that she sees around her. And while her words begin by playing with the surface tension of the watery world’s struggle with femininity – what is truly important is her ability to delve down below that surface toward the deeper portrayal of femininity. This is where Pohl’s work really swims, in these mysterious waters.


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