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The imagery in this show speaks to the majesty of nature and human existence. Often these two elements are in opposition to each other but in ideal conditions they compliment one another. This is the balance I hope to achieve in my paintings. I’m using only hands, legs and feet to suggest a human presence and there are two reasons for this. First, these body parts, when isolated, have a visual simplicity that I feel works well for me compositionally, and second, they suggest a human element without specifying identity. This anonymity allows the viewer to make each piece uniquely their own.

Each one of these paintings for me has a transcendent element. This may be reflected in the title, or it may be more obvious in the piece itself. I spend a lot of time thinking about the interconnectedness of things and I think of my paintings as bringing disparate elements together to create an unexpected order. It’s analogous to putting several items in a blender and if the ingredients are well chosen, what comes out is a surprisingly tasty smoothie.

As a woman I have an inherent appreciation of the female perspective and my protagonist is often female. I also see nature as having feminine qualities, so these two elements seem to work synergistically together. Color and composition are important to me as well. In my last show I tried to make my work seem more “serious” and incorporated a certain amount of grayscale imagery in the pursuit of this. What I really missed in doing so was color. This body of work reflects my shift back in the other direction, toward bold, expressive, colorful paintings. My aim is to create eye-popping images that I, myself will want to gaze at and I hope others will to.

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