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Tomorrow night at the oldest gallery in New York, Driscoll Babcock Galleries, New York-based artist Jenny Morgan unveils her latest exhibition entitled How To Find A Ghost. We have been fans of Morgan’s artwork for a long time now, and it’s astonishing to watch her work evolve over the years. With How To Find A Ghost, Morgan is displaying large works of art, the magnitude of which amplifies the intimate relationship her audience has with each painting and helps to create a larger-than-life version of her subjects.

Morgan builds on the technical intricacies of her hyperrealism by wearing down, scrubbing away or painting over many of the features of her subjects. In conversations with Jenny, she has discussed the heavy emotional relationship that she has with each painting she works on, and that wearing away at the subjects is at times an emotional roller coaster for her that is derived from the personal relationship and feelings she has towards the painting’s subject. On display will be artist’s first triptych, entitled Kings and Queens.

“The large oil painting is composed of a self portrait and four additional personages from Morgan’s life who recur throughout her body of work. The five figures are naked and frontal, their explicit bareness tempered with raw fragility and meditative strength. Embodying the psycho-social dichotomy that often exists in the artist’s canvases, they appear to occupy their own realm, contemplating themselves and their bodies, and seeking balance between the id and the super-ego.”

How To Find A Ghost will be on display at Driscoll Babcock Galleries From October 17th – November 23rd.

– Kalvin Lazarte / Milk Made