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There are figurative artists who represent the emotional state of the subject with bodily imperfections, disturbing us with just how real our human bodies can be. The artist, seeking to imbue their deeper understanding of the human condition and form, waves every hair follicle or pucker of skin like a flag of this dramatic realism.

JENNY MORGAN is not that artist. Morgan’s interest goes beyond the physicality of human skin, fat and bone. She grapples with the metaphysical and provides a visual testimony of the spirit and the ghost.

Morgan presents us with angelically immaculate figures reminiscent of those painted by the old masters; her portraits are executed with the technique of a classically trained hand. Areas of the body are then identified, emphasized and abstracted through sanding, blurring and use of color. It is as though Morgan performs a process of titration, providing us with proof of the ethereal.

Morgan paints someone when she feels there is a mystery to discover. During this exploration, an intimacy with the subject is achieved and their mysticality is brought to light. Perhaps this is why there is a saintly quality about them; she has depicted her subject in a moment of truth. She has brought the figure and the portrait past an emotional and corporeal state, and it has arrived in limbo between earth and the celestial sphere. They are still, with peaceful understanding, as if a momentary enlightenment has been achieved, and Morgan has found it.

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– Tanya Merrill