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Funny thing, Milton Melvin Croissant’s work being shown at the Colorado Photographic Arts Center, considering he’s not a photographer.

He makes pictures, for sure, hyper-realistic scenes of contemporary domestic life. But he works with a mouse, not a shutter, collecting virtual images from other sources and assembling them into interior landscapes via 3-D modeling software.

They’re drawings, technically, or renderings or maybe clipped-art collages. Hard to know what to call them.

But there’s something photo-ish about the way they are made up, the angles he takes, the lines and images he presents within the frame. They have a photojournalistic aura, as well. His scenes depict early-morning moments in a swank house that’s been wrecked by a dose of hard living the night before — empty booze bottles, tumbled trash bins. It’s not the sort of story you see in the newspaper but it does have a narrative.

And photo-ish (photo-like? photo-y?) is enough for the current CPAC exhibit, “Constructing Images Post-Photography,” curated by Conor King. Nothing is pure photography, but everything shows its influence. Libby Barbee takes old photos, cuts them up, adds some paint and turns them into giant landscapes.



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