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At first glance, the works of Donald Fodness — which range from intricate drawings to full-blown assemblages, installations and performance pieces — might seem like chaos personified, filled with a million unrelated things that make your mind go a little crazy, if in a good way. But in reality, every piece Fodness finishes is a well-conceived schematic of interlaced relationships between shapes and thoughts, one thing leading into another. They are funny, strange, mind-blowing and utterly original; we like to think of the artist as kind of a Bill Amundson on LSD.

Over the last few years, Fodness’s work has been seen at the University of Colorado, where he completed his MFA; the Denver Art Museum; the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art; the 2010 Biennial of the Americas and numerous galleries. Now In the middle of a studio residency at RedLine, Fodness also teaches at the University of Denver.

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