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Plus Gallery moves into a new phase in our history with the announcement of the sale of our unique property that has housed the gallery since March of 2009. Plus Gallery has operated within the intersection of the Ballpark Neighborhood / Curtis Park / Upper Larimer Corridor / River North Arts District since our inception in 2001. Many have viewed the gallery as a pioneering entity in the transition of this North-downtown area into what it is today, a burgeoning district where artists studios and creative entities abound. Plus Gallery has always been thrilled to be an integral part of that transition and to see the neighborhood reach it’s potential as one of the communities thriving hubs. Our trajectory within our beautifully renovated building, one that has been recognized countless times for its architecture alongside our artists and exhibitions, had always anticipated a potential sale of the property in order to secure the future of the gallery. The summer of 2014 proved to be the pivotal moment in which all of the factors that were deemed appropriate converged. Plus Gallery concluded our time at 2501 Larimer Street with our fifth solo exhibition by our top-selling artist Jenny Morgan, our first ever exhibition to sell out during its five week run and one that bookends three back-to-back blockbuster efforts, as well as one of the most solid year’s of programming for the gallery. Colorado Public Radio, which featured a lengthy interview with Jenny Morgan to coincide with “The Golden Hour,” followed up with a report on our status in early October, appropriately depicting this important juncture in our history.

Plus Gallery is now officially on interim status as of October 27th. Those who closely follow the gallery know that our stable of artists are in continuous demand for exhibitions in other venues both locally as well as beyond the borders of Colorado, which we will continue to support. Plus Gallery will also continue to manage the inventory of our represented artists for prospective collector sales. We anticipate a short period in which we will experiment with some new exhibition concepts, conduct extensive market research and consider how best to broaden the scope of our initiatives as we look for a suitable location to once again permanently relocate to.

After 13 years in one of the most challenging business initiatives possible, we are extremely thrilled to have realized this achievement. Anyone who knows our core clientele understands that Plus Gallery has the best support from some of the most remarkable people in the city, we never would have dreamed of getting to this stage without them. And our first-rate artists are in a class all by themselves and will continue to forge solid careers with our support as well as their own extraordinary talents.