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The Colorado Photographic Arts Center, located at 1513 Boulder Street in Denver Highlands neighborhood just on the edge of downtown, will open the three-person exhibition “Constructing Images Post-Photography” on Thursday April 18th, with a reception from 6-8pm. Curated by Conor King, “Post Photography” is an exciting exhibition that explores how artists, through a variety of mediums, use and are influenced by photography. The premise is solid and forward thinking: in a time when photography so saturates both the art market and all aspects of the world we live in, it becomes difficult to distinguish the difference between what is and is not influenced by the medium. The exhibition features works by Libby Barbee, Anthony Baab and Plus Gallery’s own Milton Croissant III.

Croissant’s work is an exceptional case in point. When his “House Party 6” series was first introduced at Plus Gallery in last summer’s group exhibition “Mirage,” most everyone had to do a double-take when confronted by his impressive, large-scale images. Some swore they were paintings, others photographs….few initially understood that they were digital compositions of uncanny and almost pristine detail. The images depict the aftermath of what seems like a rather unconventional party, one where kids perhaps tripped out on electronics, paint-ball and movies, over soda pop and possibly cake (one with a basketball seemingly embedded prior to being eaten). Full of mystery and exuding some of the most sensitive surface qualities possible in the medium, Croissant’s “House Party 6” series was one of the most outstanding discoveries of the year, by an artist known quite well in Denver’s underground art-scene but new to the more mature contemporary market in which his latest developments so deserve to reside.

This year the CPAC continues the forward momentum for Croissant and his work, taking off from Denver Digerati’s inspired recent commissions featuring Croissants superior talent in motion-based art, and overlapping their nightly screenings at the now-revered “Monkey Town 4” project taking place in the River North Arts District through June 1st. The Arvada Center picks up the ball next, injecting their space with a handful of some of Colorado’s most advanced and thrilling new-media artists this summer in an exhibition that will extrapolate on all previous efforts exponentially. We are thrilled to see the appreciation that is continuing to build for an artist who only three years prior was noted as “One of the top 12 artists under 35 years old” by then Denver Post art critic Kyle MacMillan, alongside the likes of Plus Gallery artist Xi Zhang and Denver Digerati commissioned artist Justin Beard.

Croissant is currently based in Baltimore, but his connection and appreciation for his hometown of Denver is everlasting. Please join us at the opening in celebrating the work of a fascinating young artist firmly on the rise.