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Chris Coleman was recognized as the Editors pick for best artist in 5280’s “Top of the Town” issue in 2014, based on their experience with his work shown in “Monkey Town 4” earlier this year. This is a remarkable selection coming from 5280 and one that hopefully bodes well for the future of Denver’s digital and new-media community, as Coleman (along with wife Laleh Mehran, who is also mentioned in the writeup) have been creating some of the most distinct new-media artworks and interactive environments in the region (and well beyond) for many years now. The duo had their first exposure in the commercial gallery context earlier this year at Plus Gallery with their solid exhibition “Transitional Fragments” and have both been an integral part of our side-project Denver Digerati since its inception a few years ago. We are thrilled to see this recognition and hope that 5280 will continue to engage with this type of artwork in a deeper capacity in the future. Read the full report online at