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Following on the heels of some of the most unprecedented critical press, interview support and major publication profiles, we are pleased to report that Jenny Morgan’s solo exhibition “The Golden Hour” is officially sold out!  This is the first time in the history of Plus Gallery that we’ve had an active solo exhibition sell out in its entirety, not to mention well before the end of its official run. It is no surprise at this point in Morgan’s career, a major milestone for both the gallery and Morgan, and very much deserved. Last week was another maelstrom of press for Jenny’s show, with both Daliah Singer’s report on 5280 revealing new insight into the deeper levels of  “The Golden Hour” and the Denver Post’s art critic Ray Rinaldi presenting a “glowing” take in last Friday’s edition of the paper. On top of that we got to listen to Morgan firsthand on CPR along with celebrated painter Daniel Sprick, with the extended interview now available online.  We like to think these things happen for good reason, and will no doubt continue as Jenny carries tremendous momentum into her second decade exhibiting as an artist.  And we saw the first image of the new Juxtapoz hard-cover volume “Hyperreal” today, the advance copies now out and destined to hit bookshelves within the next month or so.