My current work revolves around the contemporary modalities and forms of how on the one hand we see ourselves and on the other how we portray ourselves. Through a narcissistic standpoint, we are constantly weaving a tale of who we are; fashionable, current and up to date.

As on social media, my paintings attempt to highlight and beautify the “mundane” and at the same time exacerbate the clash between, fleeing narccisiim and the weight of culture. The “ornament” then functions as a means of symbolic and formal decoration. My focus is on the subject of the contemporary construction of “self-image”. Focusing on a culture that does not delve into content but rather a place where the image reigns supreme. Imagery and the reflection of the other, and how we are seen seem to be the raison d’être. Narcissism, the consumption of “cool” culture and the glorification of the mediocre.

Ramiro Estrada Smith, 2018

Exhibition Images