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  • Sangre de Cristo Art Center
  • Friday, October 7, 2016

From Van Gogh over a century ago, to Cindy Sherman today, self portraiture holds a singular place in art, whether as a working tool, fascination or “mirror” of individual and collective reality that stimulates both artists and collectors alike. A very distinct and continually evolving case in point is that of Jenny Morgan, a young contemporary painter who since emerging through Denver Colorado’s gallery circuit in 2002 has developed her own particular attachment to the self to build a formidable career with a unique trajectory unlike any other in art today.

“Rise – Jenny Morgan Self Portraits in Colorado Collections from between 2009 and 2016” is the first exhibition to capture this extraordinary development, a snapshot into one of the most exciting art practices of our times, shaping historic antecedents in a manner that is highly nuanced and thoroughly compelling. At least 20 paintings from 11 collectors based in Colorado contribute their “Jennys” to this celebratory exhibition. Almost everyone who has collected her work or become familiar with her practice understands and reveres this particular engagement, most obsessively so.

The exhibition will take place at the Sangre de Cristo Art Center in Pueblo, Colorado from October 7 through January 22nd. RISE is presented in association with Plus Gallery, Denver, Colorado through the curatorial direction of Ivar Zeile. The exhibition will be Morgan’s largest to date.