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  • Plus Gallery
  • Friday, September 19, 2014

Join Plus Gallery and four of Denver Digerati’s 2014 commissioned artists for a celebration following the unveiling of seven new animations and motion-based works as part of the evening’s Friday Flash No.8 program that takes place at 14th and Champa in downtown Denver.  FF No. 8 starts at 8pm and the post-screening bash will start up at Plus around 9pm.  This year’s commissioned artists include four fantastic locals: Laleh Mehran, Jeff Jurich, David Fodel and Evan Mann, all who have been recognized for their outstanding efforts as visual artists, technology based pioneers and digital animators or filmmakers.  They will be on hand that night to celebrate the program, which also features work by three fantastic national artists Katie Torn, Jeremy Couillard and Barry Whittaker.

Plus Gallery will be serving drinks and screening some of Denver Digerati’s best curated content from the last four years (as well as some un-seen work deemed not suitable for public consumption!) full-wall in our space, a precursor to what will be shown in Arlington, VA later this month for the SSDP “Sensory Celebration” and fundraiser that Denver Digerati has been asked to support.

Join us for a fun and revelatory evening in honor of one of Denver’s most unique projects, Denver Digerati.