Ramiro Smith Estrada, 1984, lives and works in Buenos Aires. He pursued university studies in Engraving at the Universidad del Museo Social Argentino in 2007. He was selected to the National Exhibition of Fine Arts in the field of Engraving in 2010 and 2013, and to the Williams Award in 2012. In 2014 he was selected to the Contemporary Artistic Practices clinic (PAC, for its initials in Spanish) conducted by Gachi Prieto Gallery with teachers Eduardo Stupia, Rodrigo Alonso, Rafael Cippoletti and Andres Wassiman. The same year he took part of an argentinian group exhibition at VICE Gallery in Wynwood Miami. In 2015 he participated in a residency at LaVallee in Brussels, Belgium. In 2017 he presented ¨CHETO¨ his fifth solo exhibition at Mundo Nuevo Art Gallery, (Buenos Aires) curated by Santiago Bengolea (coordinator of the Contemporary Space of Fundacion PROA).

Ramiro Smith Estrada, 1984, vive y trabaja en Buenos Aires. Realizó sus estudios de Grabado en la Universidad del Museo Social Argentino en el año 2007. En el año 2010 y 2013 queda seleccionado en el Salón Nacional de Grabado y en el 2012 seleccionado en el Premio Williams. En el 2014 quedó seleccionado en la clínica de obra PAC (Prácticas Artísticas Contemporáneas) a cargo de Gachi Prieto Galeria con los profesores Eduardo Stupia, Rodrigo Alonso, Rafael Cippoletti y Andres Wassiman. En el mismo año expone junto con otros artistas argentinos en la galería VICE, en Miami, En 2015 participa de una residencia en el espacio LaVallee en Bruselas, Belgica. En mayo de 2017 presento su 5ta muestra individual en Mundo Nuevo Gallery Art, con la curaduría de Santiago Bengolea y participo de la muestra GREAT AMERICA con XbyBluerider en Taipei, Taiwan.



“Hell is other People”
J.P Sartre

My current work revolves around the contemporary modalities and forms of how on the one hand we see ourselves and on the other how we portray ourselves. Through a narcissistic standpoint, we are constantly weaving a tale of who we are; fashionable, current and up
to date. As on social media, my paintings attempt to highlight and beautify the “mundane” and at the same time excacerbate the clash between, fleeing narccisiim and the weight of culture. The “ornament” then functions as a means of symbolic and formal decoration.

My focus is on the subject of the contemporary construction of “self-image”. Focusing on a culture that does not delve into content but rather a place where the image reigns supreme. Imagery and the reflection of the other, and how we are seen seem to be the raison d’etre. Narcissism, the consumption of “cool” culture and the glorification of the mediocre.

Ramiro Smith Estrada, 2018

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