Digital archival prints by contemporary artist Milton Croissant III represented by Plus Gallery, Denver, CO

Milton Croissant III maintained a low-key presence within Denver’s contemporary environment for many years, unless you were privy to the underground scene exploding with talent in spaces such as Rhinoceropolis, Object + Thought and others. MCIII is one of the most pure artists to emerge from Denver with advanced talent within the realm of digital imaging and motion-art, mixing a distinct aesthetic with compositional sensibilities of a curious nature. Croissant was named one of the “Twelve best Colorado artists under 35” by then longtime art critic Kyle MacMillan of the Denver Post in 2011. In 2012 he was one of five local artists, tapped to create a short-form work for Denver Digerati’s “SightLine” program, an initiative within the Denver Theatre District that brings motion-based artwork to the public on the several of downtown Denver’s large LED screens. Croissant delivered one of the most impressive and memorable of any animated works created for that program, paving the way for him to be one of Denver Digrerati’s inaugural artists commissioned in 2013 to create work for a new permanent collection of motion-based artworks for the DTD’s LED screens. “Red Room” was unveiled on September 20th in the season closing Friday Flash program alongside the works of

seven other local and international artists included in the commission program, and once again proved to be one of the standout efforts. His most recent animation “Death After Life,” created for Denver based musician Thug Entrancer, will be shown in 2014’s three-month long, four-screen experience Monkeytown 4 in Denver alongside works by leading motion-based artists from around the world. MCIII is currently based in Baltimore, Maryland where he is immersed in a digital environment and had his most recent solo exhibition with the Springsteen Gallery.

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