Colin Livingston has long been recognized as one of Plus Gallery’s most outstanding contemporary artists.  His previous three solo exhibitions from between the years 2006 and 2013 have engaged the gallery context in an extraordinary fashion, presenting conceptual painting-based installations where the underlying message is distinct and multi-layered. Livingston has been hailed as a pop-based painter, generating some of the most visually stimulating, dense compositions of any artist under the age of 40 in the country. There is much more than meets the eye within his work, a challenge to consumer sensibilities as well as a celebration of today’s unique systems which the consumer has mandated. Livingston engages the very notions of art as a commodity, presenting an often tongue-very-in-cheek mentality and aesthetic that is both intellectual and fun. Plus Gallery completed a major volume on the artist’s work in 2013 –  “Colin Livingston – Artist” – in celebration of his extraordinary achievements and the near-universal praise they have instilled by critical sources in Colorado’s contemporary community.


The Art Bucket

Palettes, Patterns, Logos and Slogans

The Big Idea - Sincere Paintings

The Big Idea - Sincere Sculptures

The Big Idea - Ironic Paintings

The Big Idea - Ironic Sculptures

The Big Idea - Multi Slogan Paintings

The Big Idea - Multi Slogan Sculptures