Plus Gallery artist Bill Amundson

Bill Amundson is one of Colorado’s most recognized and collected artists, who works in the “Suburban Regionalist” mode, a style devoted to capturing and celebrating the true American scene rather than the idealized version so often portrayed in the art of our time. Working primarily in pencil, his humorous landscapes, portraits and interiors deal with the vagaries of contemporary culture, particularly as reflected through such distinct American staples as the subdivision, interstate travel, chain restaurants, box stores, “branding” and celebrity culture. He also enjoys allusions to art history. His work has been described in various publications as “ironic, compulsive, delicate, irreverent, whimsical, masterful and banal,” which leads one to question the veracity of the publishing world. Mr. Amundson was born in 1953 in Stoughton, Wisconsin, a small Scandinavian farming community in the southern portion of the beer and cheese state. He attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison from 1971-1975, at which time he was awarded a B.S. degree in Art, deemed appropriate by all who knew him well. Mr. Amundson has exhibited extensively throughout Colorado and the United States, including solo shows in New York City, Philadelphia, Toronto, Los Angeles, Austin, San Antonio, Phoenix, Colorado Springs and Denver in the past five years. His work is in the permanent collection of the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center and the Denver Art Museum, where he has been included in six exhibitions since 1996 and in 2011 delivered a lecture as part of the DAM’s prestigious “Logan Lecture” series.

Amundson’s work is available through Plus Gallery in Denver, Colorado, where he is represented exclusively.

Self Portraits

Hard Times

American Dick Heads

Additional Drawings