Friday's Rocky Mountain News gave props to + gallery in more ways than one. First off, art and architecture critic Mary Voelz Chandler has delivered the first review of our new exhibitions by Jenny Morgan, Colin Livingston. Read the review online at

If you managed to pickup a copy of that day's paper, inside lies the annual Top of the Rockies insert, which includes the staff and people's choice pics for the best that Colorado has to offer in a variety of categories. We are pleased to announce that two of our represnted artists are honored this year, including our current exhibiting artist Jenny Morgan who was awarded "Top Representational Artist." Susan Meyer was also recognized as the "Top Installation artist," and though she's primarily been on view in a museum and institutional context in the last couple of years, she is preparing to make her return to + gallery next May with the final phase of her "Tragedy of Landscape" series, alongside new works by Lenka Konopasek.

Finally, and with terrific timing to boot, Gabriel Conroy has been recognized as the "Top Fashion Designer" of the community. Conroy has been a fixture with + gallery for a few years now, as the gallery hosts his only public Fashion show on an annual basis. His next invitation-only showcase is coming up this month, and should prove to be one of the most fantastic nights of the year.

You can check out these awards online at Top of the Rockies