Denver Arts week is creeping up on the community and the timing could not be better.  The end of the presidential election will undoubtedly be a huge relief for all and we forsee life getting back to at least some semblance of normality (particlarly,  if the right candidate wins.....) as a result.  Denver Arts Week is in its second year and no doubt the advertising onslaught that started within the last couple of weeks will make it much stronger this year as well, and though we like to think that every week is a strong arts-week in the Denver scene, we also believe having a week fully dedicated to it by the Denver Metro Convention and Visitors Bureau is a fine, fine thing.   So what's on tap at Plus that week?  How about the following:

Friday, November 14th - To celebrate the launch of Denver Arts Week we will be featuring a mini-exhibition of highly affordable artworks that will kick off this evening along with many festivities occuring throughout town.  Find the right "Price" with a selection of new gel-coats by the most fabulous abstract painter in Denver, Bruce Price.  Pick out your favorite "Johnson" too, as we'll have a fine selection of Tsehai Johnson's popular reclaimed-dinner plates featuring motifs of urinals, bathtubs and other household items.  Johnsons art also graces two new Plus gallery t-shirts we'll be debuting that evening, sure to be collectors items and the perfect inexpensive gift for yourself or loved-ones for the holidays. We'll have a whole treasure-trove of small works to choose from including Gabriel Liston's ever-popular and charming "Blue-book" tiles, more collage works by Lauri Lynnxe Murphy that were a huge hit from earlier this year, and gems by a few other Plus artists who excel equally with small works as well as large. This will be the perfect start for your holiday shopping and a much better investment than the stockmarket!  Keep in mind that the MCA Denver will be hosting a special musical performance that same night featuring the Denver Contemporary Chamber Players at 6:30pm.  Plus gallery will stay open throughout the evening.

Tuesday, November 18th - Plus Gallery will host a reception in conjunction with the Denver Office of Cultural Affairs from 5-7pm to celebrate the installation of John McEnroe's absolutely astonishing new public artwork  "National Velvet."  Each year McEnroe seems to outdo himself as the most progressive artist in the city, and this year has been no exception.  On top of the commission by the City of Denver, John's fourth this decade, he was invited to be one of the featured artists in the highly anticipated 2009 exhibition "Embrace!" at the Denver Art Museum where his work will be featured alongside some of the top contemporary artists in the world in a showcase that will electrify the unique architecture of the Hamilton Wing. Come support John and hear him discuss the enormous challenges in getting his latest public work made.  We'll have a selection of John's works on view in the temporary space to coincide with the event.