Mike Whiting installs new monumental sculptue in Albuquerque, NM

Plus Gallery artist Mike Whiting continues his career as one of the foremost contemporary sculptors of the day. His practice has progressed in a phenomenally mature way over the last six years, developing major interest through public commissions and individual collectors alike. The fact that his work is succesful on both a small and monumental scale alike is part of his appeal, something that has never been as pronounced as this year as he's unveiled his largest work to date alongside some of his smallest. "Kickflip" is an amazing triptych that takes the lingo of skateboarding as it's inspiration, combining it with Whiting's trademark reference to pixelated forms from early video-game technology. The results, which was just installed last week, is a vibrant addition to the Albuquerque landscape and a new height for the artist's career.

At the same time, Whiting has produced his first "limited edition" sculpture which adds a new twist to that tradition amongst artists. His "puppies" are full-scale renditions in multiples, just like a litter, with each having the same form but their own unique distressed finish made with automotive paint. The edition is up to the artist and the demand, and yet so far they've been a big hit and look to become both a collector's item and annual venture for the artist. The initial batch at Plus Gallery is almost gone, but we expect to get more in over the summer, reservations are highly recommended.