Extra, Extra, read all about it! Sex scandal rocks Colorado art community!

Oh boy, we never could've seen this coming, but the topic of art recently found it's way into the local news sections of area newspapers. What, do you say, could possibly prompt a journalist to consider art as a newsworthy topic? Scandal, of course, and sex and all of those things that sustain the tabloids of our lives. This time, however, it's so out of left field it's almost fascinating: + gallery artist Tsehai Johnson, one of Colorado's most consistent and honored artists, has been poised as the "fall-girl" for state funding for the arts. I will not say more, but invite anyone who may want to get themselves riled up over the idiocy of our governor, not to mention other public and private individuals, we invite you to follow these links and become part of this, ahhh, ongoing debate.

Denver Post:
State-funded sex-toy art upsets governor

Denver Post:
Referendums about roads, not sex toys

Boulder Daily Camera:
Real indecency is politics

Denver Post:
"Smut" criticism out of line

Here's a pretty good blog that seems to have latched onto the topic, but is strictly for those with a lot of extra time on their hands:
Hit and Run blog

And for you conservatives out there, this extremely thorough and thoughtful blog is for you:
Sister Toldja

If you dare to have your mind singed by artwork that destroys the very fabric of our society, you can view the offending pieces on Tsehai Johnson's page at + gallery.

Lastly ... if you'd like to tell Elaine Mariner, the Executive Director for the Colorado Council on the Arts, what you think of this matter, you can email her at elaine.mariner@state.co.us.