New Sphere featuring Pictureplane and Real Magic this Friday, February 24th at Plus

Plus Gallery's current exhibition "Apocalypse? HOW!" features some rare emerging talent from Denver and beyond, with Drew Englander standing as one of the premier multi-disciplinary artists to rise above the norm. While his beautiful, intricately rendered graphite drawings hit the right tone for our exhibition, Englander excels creatively with both his video works as well as his musical project Real Magic.

We are pleased to announce that Drew will deliver a sensory assualt this Friday evening, his Real Magic teaming up with Pictureplane, Travis Egedy's musical entity that is one of the hottest names in the underground scene across the globe right now. Both artists have distinguished themselves locally by being at the forefront of one of the most vibrant youth movements in Denver, with Egedy making his mark well beyond, his music produced by Lovepump United, the same label that supports the supreme artists "Health" and "Crystal Castles." Egedy has recently toured in Russia and has an upcoming tour in Japan and South Korea this spring, no doubt a result of his high accolades from the professional and critical music community. Both artists are recent graduates of the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, a school that has consistently produced some of the most remarkable talent of the last decade, and both have had their visual art introduced via Plus Gallery through group exhibitions. All that adds up to a profoundly unique moment for the gallery, we are quite certain that it will be a night to remember.

Plus Gallery will open at 9pm for an hour of social mixing, supplanted by the wonders of Great Divide, with the evening's performance starting around 10pm. The event is free, donations may be made to contribute to the audio-setup as well as the beverages.

Here is some additional information and links to both Real Magic and Pictureplane, for the uninitiated:

Real Magic
From the Heart Music Group website:

R E A L M A G I C is the moniker of 26 yr. old singer / producer / artist Drew Englander from Denver, CO. He makes densely layered electronic noise-pop, sampling his voice and singing hooks through a veil of fuzzy synths and spastic drum machines. Inspired equally by orchestras, epic film scores, Shoegaze, R&B, Grime and a wide range of bass-centric club music, his songs are at once danceable, contemplative and emotional.

Englander began experimenting with electronic music during his years in art school, using the ideas he developed within his visual and performance work as a conceptual basis for R E A L M A G I C. Upon graduating in 2009, he started fleshing out his musical vision more seriously, driven by the desire to affect people deeply on an experiential level. He wants to move you. He wants you to feel.

From the Lovepump United Website:

24-year-old weirdo performance artist Travis Egedy, a.k.a. Pictureplane, obsesses over the cosmos, 90s house music, collective consciousness, and mind-altering chemicals you've never heard of. Much like his interests, Pictureplane's music is strange and boundless and totally righteous. Having cut his teeth on raging tours with HEALTH, a collab with Beirut's Zach Condon and killer remixes for Crystal Castles, HEALTH, and Thieves Like Us, Pictureplane delivers his first full-length for Lovepump, Dark Rift.

Grimy synths, broken beats, and bucolic vocals collide somewhere between early 90s house music and the gnarly soundscapes of Black Dice to forge a sound that's wholly unique and endlessly exciting. It's exceedlingly rare to find dance music that transcends the cold and robotic, but on Dark Rift Pictureplane does just that: churning out intricate electronic jams out of his near-legendary Denver warehouse space Rhinoceropolis. The music feels at once personal and cosmically expansive.