Plus Gallery will be bringing works by two exceptional artists from New Zealand out for our next exhibition "Peaking the Edge," a survey of hard-edge geometric abstraction commencing April 22nd. Shannon Novak was first introduced to the Denver market through his far-reaching international experiment "Sound Fragments" from last year, an ambitious undertaking by an emerging artist that we were proud to support. We've kept in correspondence with Shannon since then and have been thoroughly impressed by his demeanor and work. Novak is devoted to using geometric forms to represent his deep and abiding interest in the link between sound, colour, and emotion. Novak's exploration began when the artist became a pianist at an early age taking his cues from both classical and modern schools of music and later composing and performing his own musical works. The years spent as a pianist, mirrors the years spent as a visual artist, but it has only been of recent times that these two paths have crossed resulting in unique and compelling studies into the link between sound, colour, and emotion.

Novak recently released two of his musical compositions on CD, which he sent to us in their full and beautiful packaging along with his two paintings for the exhibition. Thought not necessarily available in stores on these shores, we encourage everyone to discover Novak's music through itunes at the following links, we are pretty sure you'll find them as beautiful and skillful as we have:

Semitone Shift

My Mending Heart

"Peaking the Edge" will also feature two paintings from the outstanding NZ artist Sara Hughes, someone of international reputation and caliber that we are truly honored to have in our exhibition. We encourage you to visit her website and get a good look at the level of her talent in advance as well