Untitled 6-9

Artist Frank T. Martinez initiated his newest Series 6 through a process that he‘s not delved into prior, namely investigating new techniques through applications on paper. In continuing his exploration of humanity’s preoccupation with chaos and structure, Martinez’ geometric forms meditate on and realize our desire to make sense of that which does not. Structural forms grab the viewers attention, merging with backgrounds that could be described as intense bursts of energy. The structured forms, however, don’t appear to make sense upon further scrutiny, adding another layer to the already complicated question the artists has been exploring through his previous works. Through working on mylar, Martinez further exemplifies his interest in duality by working on both sides of the paper, forcing them to coexist and influence one another. Martinez process of layering paint and masking his more subtle techniques continues in a monochromatic vein, one that carries forward from mylar to the surface of additional new paintings that set the tone for a larger undertaking.

Abstract artist Laura Krudener is exhibiting paintings from her newest series Explosions and Whispers that she has created within this new year. In keeping with her interest in movement and how that influences other elements within her paintings, Krudener has added greater levels of complexity through the addition of new mediums to her exquisite “poured-paint” techniques. This series sees the reintroduction of the paintbrush as well as the inclusion of oil pastels, adding to the dynamic qualities that have been continually building within her work of the last five years. An aquamarine color palette with pops of metallic gold echo these characteristics, providing the viewer with mesmerizing visuals that tend toward the hypnotic.

Xi Zhang exhibits work from his latest series, Metallic-leaf Garden, which explores how individuals’ psychological minds and issues reshape ones’ physical environments. This concept has been derived from the psychological notion that each persons individual reality is painted or colored by consciousness, emotions and subconsciousness. Zhang depicts this concept by using his investigations into various peoples psychological realms and painting them into fictionalized backgrounds. Zhang says he, “uses the expressional and/or abstract aesthetics to construct the characters’ environment and setting in a subtle, theatrical way which in turn, indicates and reflects on the individuals internal thoughts, struggles, and personality.”

Exhibition Images