Metropolitan Frame Install View from Window

Plus Gallery has established one of the most reputable programs for contemporary art within Denver, Colorado, representing some of the top talent from the state and beyond for the last 13 years. In November of 2014 we commence a new phase in our history in which we will host a series of auxiliary exhibitions with Metropolitan Frame Company in Denver, a result of our successful sale of our previous building at 2501 Larimer, one that served as the second location for Plus Gallery since our inception in 2001. Metropolitan Frame is the premier framing service for contemporary and traditional artwork in the State of Colorado, servicing some of the highest caliber art operations and clients in the state. Plus Gallery teams up with Metropolitan Frame to deliver quality exhibitions of contemporary art for all who enter the building, within the context of their well-appointed gallery space.

Our first exhibition is an introduction to select artists within our prestigious family and recent works that resonate strongly within the Plus Gallery context, tailored specifically to suite the gallery walls and setup within Metropolitan Frame.  The exhibition will remain in its current form as a rotating showcase for Plus Gallery artists through January 10, 2015.

Exhibition Images